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Soundcloud, stream your music with the world.

Downloading songs is an ancient activity now, day by day online streaming of songs is getting huge amount of attention. People just don’t want to go through the long process of downloading songs and if you still do that… We request you to be part of the new world, a streaming world

Now, there are some big players in online music streaming – Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music holds the top spots. Then there’s SoundCloud, which is the most unusual steaming platform of them all.

Portraits from Eric Wahlforss (CTO) and Alexander Ljung (CEO) - co founders of Soundcloud for an article in FORBES magazine about their company.
Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, founders of Soundcloud.

Founded in Berlin (Germany) in 2007, since then SoundCloud has expanded to an extensive app that is a full-fledged streaming service, a distribution platform and the most important of all an online community. Like every other German product Soundcloud was built to last, all the content(music in this case) is uploaded by the users, while the company only needs to manage the servers and update interface. And don’t we all know how cool and efficient German products are and do believe us when we say SoundCloud cloud is pretty cool (Ironically founders of SoundCloud were two aspiring Swedish sound designers who indeed created a German class product). These two geniuses in my opinion changed the music industry, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss originally started Soundcloud as a platform for different artists to collaborate without much hassle. Soon it became a global platform for aspiring artists to share their music.

Australian Grammy award winner Flume is one one of the most famous DJ on Soundcloud with 2.10 million followers. (Photo by Rich Polk/WireImage)

There are some reasons why SoundCloud is cooler than others – It provides a platform for amateur music producers and curious listener to come together. Here mainstream music industry doesn’t force you or “recommend” you to listen to something, you choose the song or an artist you would like to follow so it gives a special, unique and rare musical experience which can be only found on SoundCloud. The whole concept behind this is very simple… you can upload your music, you can follow other users and listen to their music and save or repost their songs. It’s kind of like a social media created for music lovers. It is the cheapest medium to publish your music and get attention of millions. Create a song, post it on SoundCloud without any record deals or distribution cost! It’s that simple.

SoundCloud has all kinds of genres of music, whatever your music taste maybe they’ve got just the thing for you. The ‘Explore’ option really takes you for a musical exploration.  There are some great artists out there with awesome tracks, have you ever heard of Valentine Stip, Kygo, Flume, Galimatias or Boiler Room? These are some artists/channels which produces great music but lacks spotlight in mainstream media while they are huge hit in SoundCloud community. In recent times Soundcloud has become the best platform for rap artists from all over the world, hiphop or RnB is one of the most popular genre on Soundcloud. Artists like Young Thug, Ski Mask and Rome Fortune are the best example of increasing hiphop following on Soundcloud.

Valentin Stip is a French DJ who is gaining popularity by producing songs in Ambient/Dance genre.

Another key features of SoundCloud is the ability to allow artists to upload their music with a distinctive URL. By allowing sound files to be embedded anywhere, SoundCloud can be combined with Twitter and Facebook to let members reach better audiences all over the world…
It might sound like some tech review and we’re sorry for that but even these technical features are too cool for us.

Just to give you an idea how big SoundCloud community is we would like to share its amazing stats – SoundCloud cloud has 135 million songs uploaded by its users, every 44 mins there’s 12 hours of new music uploaded on the Soundcloud servers, and it has 175 million monthly users while their closest rival Spotify are far behind with 75 million active users. Amazed yet?

Boiler Room hp
Boiler Room is a global music broadcasting platform where live music sessions are recorded and shared online with their followers. It has 723k followers on Soundcloud.

So why is it so popular? One of the main reason behind its popularity is easy accessibility. You can get SoundCloud on almost every kind of electronic device through which individuals can listen to music, like mobile phone, tablets and laptops/computers. Plus it’s free to use till a certain extent and in-app buy option is there if you want better services from SoundCloud. Another great feature of SoundCloud is that it helps you to connect with different groups with similar music taste. Groups are handy way of getting in touch with new artists in particular genres and increase you music knowledge. Plus as we mentioned earlier, it is kind of social network for music lovers. Found a new artist? Send his/her profile to your friends, like a particular song? Share it with your Facebook friends, like a drum role in the song? Comment on it and share it with the world. It’s THAT easy and cool.

In Eric Wahlforss’s words
“We built a place for music to live and breathe and for music to grow in ways you couldn’t imagine. A way of freedom with zero barriers.
SoundCloud is where music culture happens on the web. It’s where it originates.” – CTO and co-founder of SoundCloud.

The Music Shed personally thank these two Swedish individuals who has changed our musical experience for good, hats off to Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss 🤘


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